Common Questions

Do you sell materials, do the installation or both?

We will sell materials for you or your contractor to install, or we offer full service installation and painting, which will include the materials in the installation bid. If you have already have the materials, we can do the installation portion of the job for you.

What type of products do you sell?

We sell Mouldings (MDF, Hardwood, Softwood and Custom Milling), Interior Doors, Exterior Doors, Windows (Vinyl and Wood), Exterior Siding (Treated Wood and Hardie Composite), Columns, Door Hardware, Closet Shelving and many other products, just call and ask!

We are doing a new construction project, what types of service do you provide?

For new construction jobs, we will work with you, your contractor, architect, designer and others to choose a style that fits the home and maintains the continuity of design. We will do a full walk through and take off and prepare a quote for you. We offer discounts if you buy the entire house packages with us. For example all windows, doors, moldings, closet shelving, etc… or any package you desire. Once delivered, we will work with the contractor doing the installation to ensure a smooth and productive process with timely delivery of any extras needed to keep the job going.

How do you bid for installation?

We will bundle the materials into the cost of the installation and give you a per foot price on the job. We will give you a bid for installation only, or the full service job. The installation only includes the materials and install, but no painting, caulking or filling the nail holes. The second way we price installation is for the full service job, which includes the materials and install like above, but we will also include the painting, caulking and filling nail holes. When you call to request an installation, we will discuss the job with you over the phone to get familiar with what you would like. Be ready to have a door/window count and/or the dimensions of the room(s) for which you would like molding installed in and we can provide a preliminary price quote over the phone. We also do free in home consultations for people ready to move forward with the installation.

How does your pricing compare to your competition?

Our material pricing is very competitive and we will match or beat any price on a comparable product. Our installation pricing is also very competitive for the quality of work. We use superior joinery techniques, and also boast a very clean painting process and LIFETIME warranty on the installation (painting is not part of the warranty).

My contractor sent me in to your store to choose my moldings and doors, can you give me a bid on the installation as well?

Contractors are the driving force behind the revenue of our material sales division and we would not be in business without them sending their clients to us. We will not bid installation on any job where a contractor is already on the jobsite without the consent of that contractor. We do not want to bite the hand that feeds us by taking jobs from our customers.

How do you spell molding (or is that moulding)?

When we were starting our business, we had the same question and we did a bit of research. The truth is that you can spell it both ways with the difference being a European or American influence. The spelling with the "U" is most common and derives itself from European influence, just like the spelling of the word colour with a "U" is pervasive in Europe. Americans have dropped the "U" from the spelling of color and other similar words like molding. Being that we are American doing business in America, we chose to use the American spelling of the word! (you will see the word spelled both ways on this site to increase our internet search statistics).